Monday, September 29, 2008

Nine, nine? I like Nine

The more I think on it, the more I like nine... if Olivia turns out to be 9.
I had a long, lying-on-the-bed face-to-face relaxed chat with Tadpole the other day.... and we talked about what if his new "little sister" was taller than him.
I didn't talk about older, since we really do not know her exact age, and even if 9, schooling-wise and Ethiopian birth certificate-wise, she may be treated as 7.

But heighth-wise. That can be a guy thing. So I wanted to probe those waters and see what Taddy thought, after all he is stocky, but not so tall.

His matter-of-fact statement on the subject was, "Well, Mom, there are FIRST graders taller than me and even one kindergartner!"

So no problem. No ego tied into his heighth, we just have to hope she is not too skilled at Hotwheels Velocity X and we will have it made.

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  1. We were hoping to keep our bio son the oldest in the family - I thought it would be a big deal to him. Well God led us to these kids and though he and W-boy were the same age (8) we eventually found out that W-boy's birthday is about 4 months earlier. Totally surprised me that it seems to be no big deal. I'm sure we'll have our moments once their home but I'm surprised at my kids flexibility sometimes.