Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today is Olivia Mame's Birthday

Today is Mame's birthday..according to her profile. She is turning 7, according to her profile. I bet she never celebrated a birthday. I asked God to send her a special blessing today...a good laugh with a friend, a kind word or hug, and hope in her heart....Tonight I am taking my three kids shopping for Olivia Mame a gift, wrap it, put it on her top bunk and sing happy birthday and pray for her. (We are adding Olivia to her name Mame...So she will be Olivia Mame.(mah may) It is funny, my Mary Beth's nickname is Mei-mei (may may) So I will have a may may and a mah may.

Little Princess Far Away
Do you know that it's your day
Turning 7, the papers say
Today is Mame's Birthday.

Far away, yet close inside
Eyes that sparkle, smile wide
Joy in your heart, your face implies
Today is Mame's birthday.

Abba send her blessings I pray
Kindness, hugs and laughs today.
A hope of family, forever to stay
Today is Mame's birthday.

We pick out gifts, one from each
Some for play, some to teach
Placed up high (out of sister's reach)
Today is Mame's Birthday.

Happy Birthday to you we sing
Hearts are full, tears it brings
Each says a prayer to our heavenly King,
Bless Mame on her birthday.

Abba, bring us together soon. Keep us all safe and build the love even now. Amen.

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  1. This has got to be the sweetest birthday poem I've ever read in my life. How blessed this darling girl will be to have you for a family!