Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Coming to Grips with Attachment

I have been just opening my eyes and starting to work with the attachment challenges I have with Mary. I am sure I will also have challenges with Olivia. I read a comment response the onther day on Grace's blog (another single adoptive mother, and co-director of Hope Adoption Agency) (http://sistermom.blogspot.com/) where someone
mentioned a book on attachments called "Coming to Grips with Attachment", by Katharine Leslie, Phd, who is also an adoptive mom of 4.

It is awesome. Mine came in the mail yesterday and I have read 1/2 of it. I recommend it for EVERYONE who is adopting, whether you THINK there are attachment issues or not. Eye opening...and freeing
from guilt, so you can grow the relationship and move forward.

I am getting so many ah-ha...and although I wish I had had it 3 years ago BEFORE I brought Mary home, it is probably even more appreciated now, having struggled with what I have struggled with.

www.brandnewdayconsulting.com is where I ordered it. Just the chapter about love and feeling love and why it can be different in adoption, expecially when adopting children around age 3 or older, was in itself worth the price of the whole book.

Good stuff!.


  1. I just ordered some books on attachment. Maybe we could book-club them? Crystal

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