Wednesday, March 4, 2009


almost 7 days...
I hate the fact that I feel guilty even asking for news or communication.
Whats up, when...
I sit and assume, if there was news someone would tell me....
so what in the world good does asking do?
or whining.... complaining.....
my current memory verse is:
Do everything without complaining or arguing...... (Complaining leads to arguing, I think.)
so does that apply to doing nothing too? Do nothing without complaining too.
Ok, whine session over. In a weak moment I guiltily sent that email asking for news.....
PS. Update: I should change this title from "ugh" to "oh".
So I did get a reply from my guilty inquiry. :) No big answer but more news:
"They didn't find them, MOWA asked us to give them a day or 2 before going to the head honcho of MOWA, .... This was today, Rahel and our other staff, including Shimeliss are all taking turns camping out at the MOWA offices to put some pressure on them. Shimeliss will let me know first thing in the morning what they say tomorrow."
So a baby step forward....something is happening.
I appreciate any prayers. I know I should be patient. I know I am not traveling right after I pass, not in the four weeks...which is a whole other post. So I should just be patient.


  1. sending some prayers up for you and your little one.


  2. Praying for you Sandee! You have been more than patient, girl!