Sunday, March 15, 2009

What news will this week bring?

Who knows when I may hear some news? And will it be the long awaited good news?

I plan to take the summer off with Olivia Mame. I have 5 weeks vacation saved up and can take 6 weeks of Family Leave. Although one of those 6 is not paid, and the other five are paid at 55% of your pay..... SO I have to save up as much money as I can between now and then...which is SOOOO HARD for me to do! Please pray for me, that I can do this. With Christ all things are possible, including me saving money!

I have so much family bonding time planned for me and the kids this summer and do not want the stress of money to pay the bills hanging over my head.

I wonder what I will hear this week, and when?

ps. I can't sleep. I wonder if that is a sign? I tried to go to sleep. Tossed and turned. So I turned on the light and did a days devotional in The Beloved Disciple (Beth Moore). It was good, about God having a unique plan for each of us that only lovc can motivate us to walk. Then I read Psalm 14 and 15. Light back off. Prayed for my parents, each of my kids, my brother and his family, the folks at church who are out of work and looking for a job. Still no sleep. Light back on, checked email, checked a few blogs....and here I am, still not sleeping...


  1. I am praying for you too! I hope this week brings good news for you! It's time!

  2. Sandee,
    I have not checked in on your blog for oh so long... and found your comment on Denise T's blog today and to your journey to Olivia Mame! I am so glad as I lost my old links in a computer crash some months back.
    I have to admit I am shocked that you are still waiting. I haven't had time to go back and try to figure out WHY this wait has taken so long as it is almost a year ago since you accepted your referral, right?
    I know that the Father knows and He is in control. I have learned through our own experience with ET adoption that our plans are not His and that we can trust Him.
    You have such a beautiful faith and I am certain it has got you through this last LONG year. I pray you find yourself on a plane to Addis very soon!
    Many blessings,

  3. You are so sound like me! When I can't sleep, I pray. Then, if I still can't sleep I stalk blogs!
    I am so hoping that this week is chock-full of good news for you. It has to's time!!

  4. is so hard to wait! Mame needs to come home soon!

  5. I am going to be away from my computer for a whole ..this will be the day with news!