Friday, March 27, 2009

A year ago....

As I stalk my email each day, longing and searching for that very special email that will say I passed court....I think back to some very important email exchanges a year ago!


March 25th 2008:

Email from Grace: hey give me a call when you get a chance

Sandee Reply: I have a 30 minute meeting right now, but will call when I am done. :)

Phone call - Grace: There is this little 6 year old girl I want to tell you about.........

{grin..lots of excited talking}

Next email from Grace: Here she is! (Pictures attached)

A photo of a precious a precious little girl with a scared, tentative smile and deer-in-the-headlight almond shaped eyes, in a pink and purple stripped sweater standing in front of a corrugated tin wall. Mame....

March 27, 2008

More emails, more pictures, hunting through the yahoo groups snapfish account to see more pictures (Praise the Lord for Julia M, who took lots of photos!)

Email from Grace : Here is a new picture of Mame. She is gorgeous!!

Reply Sandee: It is funny, yesterday, even though I did not know if she was mine yet, I bought her a shirt that says gorgeous on it! LOL!

Reply Grace: Thats funny! I see nothing that would stand in the way on this one!!

March 27th 2008 I accepted my referral for my precious daughter to be...Olivia Mame ...

I don't think a day goes by that I do not think about her. I pray for her often, relook at all her pictures, try to learn more about all I will need to know, to be a better mommy to her and her brothers and sister waiting here for her. God has her and the timing of her joining our family all in His plans.

I guess today is my referral anniversary! :)


  1. Happy Referral Anniversary!!! I hope you get that email soon!!

  2. Happy Anniversary, my friend! May that other e-mail or phone call arrive soon! Still praying for you in Maryland!


  3. I know what you mean about not a day goes by when you do not thing about her....
    Hoping your wait ends very, very soon dear Sandee!

  4. Sandee,

    I am so proud of you on this anniversary ! You are a brave, strong woman !

    Just think, this isn't one of them 3-4 yr. China waiting games !!!

    Charlotte and crew