Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One Trip...after all.

16 days until Mame's court date, trois, (does that mean three in French?) It would be awesome to pass this time, but it is odd, I just keep setting my mind up not to pass. Is that the shell coming on?
If we don't pass, it may be May or later before our next court date, as some families right now are being assigned a court date of end of April. As in everything all along, I surrender this to God. He knows the best time to bring Mame into our family.
So, there will be only one trip.
It was very hard to make this decision, but the decision is made. We will be adopting Mame, only.
I am praying for the family that will take Hanna as a referral, whoever they are, God already knows that, and I am hoping I get the chance to chat with them and see their joy in accepting her.
For us, for sooooo many reasons, Mame as one addition is best.
So we look forward to the rest of this journey and trust in God who is sovereign.


  1. Whatever God has led you to decide is the right thing!
    I pray you have peace about it and that you pass court with Mame SOON!

  2. I agree with Kristine. If you have prayed about it and feel it is the right way to go, then it is the right way.

    If you wouldn't mind sharing, what made you decide only one for now?

    I'm sure it'll be a GREAT day when Mame gets to be with you! :)