Thursday, February 12, 2009

What were your milestones?

Milestone: a significant point in development, a marker in a journey.
This pictures is of a Roman milestone. A wall was built around this ancient milestone in the city of Rome. "The Romans mapped property boundaries, towns, roads, and journeys, using cartography to administer their far-flung empire."
Can you think of any milestones over this past year?
For Mary Beth, it was losing her first tooth, (and the tooth fairy forgetting to put her money under the pillow, to be reminded by Nick in the morning.) Kindergarten was another milestone, her first school backpack.
For Tadpole, learning to ride a two-wheel bike without training wheels was a biggie and getting his first report card with all A's and B's, getting awarded Ranger of the year.
Nick was his first sleep-away camp, his first basketball team, finally winning the spelling bee.
Me....hmmm. not sure, but I know there were some there, the biggest was accepting my referral for Olivia Mame.
Think of this, another family, one year home with their two children adopted from Ethiopia, were told by their oldest boy that "every year since he was 5, someone had died. " Like this dear mother, I cannot imagine that. Living with that.
My son fell apart when his pet catapillar died. Seriously. Can you imagine the milestone or memory you measure with being who had died and who was living? So so sad. Such a perspective changer. Makes most of my complaints seem rathr wimpy.

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  1. Milestones... those are good ones. Well, except the losses. :(

    For us, (Mia, who is 2.5 yrs old) last year was teeth coming in, walking and then running... going from 10 words to hundreds... living with me for longer than she had been in the orphanage, or even alive.