Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Two Trips....

It looks like I will be making two trips to Ethiopia. Who knows how many months apart. I don't know what all this will mean as far as paperwork and cost. I am hoping there will be no changes in paperwork, and the additional cost that would entail.

The positive side, is I can focus on Mame, and she can transition into our family, start school, get situated adjust some, then we can focus on Hanna. Each getting a little more personal attention.

With the added expense of a second trip (and maybe even the cost of having to re-do some paperwork, etc), I will have to be smarter with my money, save more.

I know God has his purpose and timing...I SO want to listen and just REST in Him. SO often, in many things in life, I think, God why didn't you just do it THIS way. (ie, my way that I have all figured out.). I picture Him grinning at me, and thinking, "Child, I have it worked out, just trust me."

I want to. I do trust you, help my doubt or wavering. SO Mame's court date is 23 days away, this is the third time. SO maybe she will pass and I will be making a trip in late March!


PS. More news just in. There is a high likelihood that Mame may not pass court this time either, on Feb 26th. There is a person they have to locate, who has to be present in court for her to pass. They cannot locate him. His only number is a cell phone, and it is no longer in service. They are trying to find him. I would love any prayers you would offer, that God would open the way and have Mame pass court this time. Again, I surrender, God's will and timing be done.


  1. Hey mama. It is so hard to wait. I'm not good at it. At all. I'm lifting you up.....

  2. Ok, now I'm hooked! I can't wait to hear all about your adoptions!!! Amazing! :)

    ...can I ask where about you live? I'm in the Ohio/Kentucky area (northern KY)