Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some good news, some bad news and who knows....

{The Roar roller coaster banks around a turn in Six Flags Marine Park in Vallejo, California.}

Some good news today, the two of the other families that failed court last time, when Mame failed, passed today! Yea! Tammie and Grace both got good news on being new momma's today.

Sad news, another dear family, failed court for the third time. sad.

Others have been waiting weeks and weeks just to hear when their court date IS, once they file for a date. What use to be 10 days to hear, is closer to 10 weeks, with court dates 10 weeks or so after that.

Which pretty much means, you cannot count on or plan for anything...

SO I have no clue or feeling if we will pass court a week from today. And if we don't I have no clue if my next date will be two months from now, or four months from now.

In other words....:) I know nothing. And, I have still let it go. I think it is hard for folks not close to the adoption process, when they ask me, how is it going, when is Mame's court date, when will you bring her home...and I share a bit, third court date, or who knows, if this, then when, but if that, then another time. They look at me with this glazed, confused look in their how can this be.

It just is.

So, God knows just when. I truly feel it is not a matter of "if", it is just a matter of "when". And God is the king of When. His timing is perfect, whether we see the reason for it or not.

So...7 days from today, I will know something....which will either be rejoicing, or waiting some more knowing nothing.

MY God is good, and no plan of His can be thwarted. I pray for His will in all, His timing and His sovereignty.

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  1. So true!
    I am ready to get off this ride and bring home my child, aren't you?
    You have been an ispiration to me over these past few difficult months. You have handled the ups and downs with such grace and faith!

    Praying for you this week. :)